Product Compliance Management System

Product Compliance Management System (PCMS):

Our Products comply with regulatory requirements

Compliance also has a high priority in the development of our products. Through our Product Compliance Management System, short PCMS, we want to safeguard the legal and regulatory conformity of our products. At the same, we are taking into account the increasingly complex regulations, the changing requirements of our customers and society as well as changes within the automotive industry.

Our Product Compliance Management System (PCMS)

For us, product compliance means that our products comply with the relevant regulatory requirements, standards and laws, as well as with our internal guidelines and processes. We have introduced a Product Compliance Management System (PCMS) in our organization in order to preventively address the specific risks associated with the product creation process right from the start.

PCMS is based on the existing Daimler Truck Compliance Management System and was completed through various measures and processes. It defines a worldwide binding Daimler Truck standard that is geared toward national and international standards. We regularly monitor the effectiveness of our PCMS and continuously develop it.

Compliance has a high priority for our products.

Developing in a Compliant and Responsible Manner

Through the Product Compliance Management System, which also includes the content of technical Compliance Management System we want to safeguard legal and regulatory conformity during the entire product lifecycle. At the same time, PCMS intends to provide our employees with orientation and guidance, especially for challenging questions regarding interpretation of technical regulations.

In order to support our employees and provide them with guiding principles for day-to-day work, we have - in addition to the Integrity Code- defined so-called commitment statements together with the development units. The main focus of these principles is to strengthen awareness for responsible behavior during the product creation process – especially for technical regulations and standards that are unclear or leave room for interpretation.

PCMS intends to provide our employees with orientation and guidance.

Technology and Law Working Hand in Hand

Group-wide, PCMS is managed by the Legal & Compliance Product & Technology unit, whose head reports directly to the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer Daimler Truck AG. The PCMS team consists of employees with different areas of expertise, for example development, legal affairs, and compliance. In addition to designing the PCMS, its’ tasks also include the provision of legal advice to the divisions.

In the development units of the vehicle-related divisions, we have also created specific organizational units with experts for product compliance. A network of direct contact persons assists employees with questions regarding product compliance. Complex questions are evaluated and decided in an interdisciplinary process that takes into account technical, legal and homologation-relevant criteria. For reporting of potential product compliance violations, the Daimler Truck Whistleblowing System SpeakUp is also available as a contact partner.

Training and Information of our Employees regarding Product Compliance

Through an extensive training offering, dialogue events, and various communication measures, we regularly inform our employees in the development and homologation units regarding product compliance and legal topics. This way, we help them behave in a compliant manner in daily business and provide information about supporting points of contact.

Additionally, we conduct in-depth discussions on safeguarding product compliance with selected business partners and suppliers. The aim of the dialogue is, among other things, to raise awareness for the regulatory environment and to communicate how Daimler Truck implements product compliance. At the same time, we make Daimler Truck's expectations towards suppliers clear.