Daimler Truck


Trucks and buses are the backbone of the economy and society. The world stands still without them.

At Daimler Truck, we like to say with conviction and pride: “We work for all who keep the world moving” – for the haulers who transport goods from ports around the world to supermarkets, construction sites and hospitals. For transport providers who bring people to work, school or on holiday. For the public services that keep our streets and cities clean, and for many more. This is our purpose and motivates us every single day.

We are ready.

We aim to make our company as successful as possible -- nothing less. This means that we want to offer our customers the best products and our shareholders an attractive investment. For our employees, we want to be a strong company with sustainable jobs, and for society a reliable industrial partner that acts responsibly.

This is what we are working toward - for all who keep the world moving.