Trucks and buses are the backbone of the economy and society.

Without them the world stands still - we have seen that very clearly in the past few months. That is why we at Daimler Truck say with conviction and pride: We work for all who keep the world moving - for the freight companies who bring goods from the world’s ports to supermarkets, construction sites and hospitals; for public transport providers who take people to work or school; for the public sector that keeps our streets and cities clean; and for many more. The work for all who keep the world moving is our corporate purpose that we endeavor to fulfil, particularly as an independent company.

  • The direction we are working in: Our long-term goals

    As independent company, we will focus on realizing two ambitions: First, we want to actively shape the transformation of our industry. Second, we want to fully exploit our earnings potential.

    Both are the key to our future success – and, at the same time, our promise to our customers, owners and society.

  • What we’re focusing on in order to actively shape the transformation

    What does that actually mean – “actively shaping the transformation?” For us at Daimler Truck, first and foremost it means: We aim to do our part to meet the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement. Putting CO₂-neutral transport on the road by 2050 is our ultimate goal. To this end we will offer battery-electric and hydrogen-based trucks and buses that operate CO₂-neutral (“tank-to-wheel”). We use our engineering knowledge and our industrial experience to advance the right technologies: batteries and fuel cells. Because only these two technologies lead to a truly CO2-neutral future.

    At the same time we are developing fuel cell vehicles. Beginning in 2027 - depending amongst others on the fueling infrastructure - we intend to hand over the first series production vehicles to customers.

    There is another key technology with the potential to fundamentally change our business - which we are therefore intensively driving forward: autonomous trucks. This technology must still overcome a number of hurdles. But if we can accomplish that, autonomous trucks will be able to further reduce the number of accidents in the future. And that has been one of our most important goals for many decades.

  • This is what we are focusing on in order to fully exploit our earnings potential

    A healthy financial foundation is the basis for all else: It enables us to balance market cycles, invest in future technologies and be a worthwhile investment for the capital market. We have defined a whole series of measures to achieve this.

    Our Daimler Truck, Trucks North America, Trucks Asia, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Buses and Daimler Truck Financial Services business segments will have more entrepreneurial freedom in the future. We also strive to make even better use of the economies of scale we have as a global company. What is equally important to us looking forward: We will concentrate even more on our high-margin business in heavy trucks, and bus chassis and complete buses over 8 tons.

    Our service business should also ensure a stronger earnings base. That includes our spare parts and maintenance business, along with financial services such as leasing, financing and insurance. Finally, we want to reduce our fixed costs significantly by 2025; by 15 percent compared to 2019.

  • Reaching our goals faster with partnerships

    Partnerships can help us to further accelerate technological change: With the right partners we can reduce our own investment requirements, gain access to important know-how and reach critical volumes more quickly. We are cooperating on autonomous driving, fuel cells, and we also partner to support the development of the infrastructure for CO2-neutral vehicles. Partnerships can also help us to open up new markets.

  • Our culture lays the foundation for our success

    We can only achieve our goals when we work together trustfully. And we do that by creating an universal understanding of “how do we work together” in our corporate culture. And we need teams of people who are passionate about our corporate purpose, who are enthusiastic about our goals and want to follow the path we have outlined here with us.

    We at Daimler Truck will create an environment in which everyone can contribute their individual strengths and learn from each other. That also means we demand and encourage entrepreneurial thinking and reward personal responsibility and performance.

    Because we all make our contribution to the big picture.

  • Building the way forward

    Where does sustainability take place? This question is easy to answer - it is part of and the result of our central ambitions and thereby incorporated in many of the strategic projects we have launched. What is important to us here is this: Sustainability goes beyond CO2-neutral products. We have set priorities wherever we believe we can make a difference and a contribution. We take on ecological and social responsibility - and ensure future-oriented structures and transparency. Because we will only be successful in the long term if we act sustainably.

    Many examples on how we contribute to a sustainable future can be found here.

We are ready.

We aim to make our company as successful as possible -- nothing less. That means that we will offer our customers the best products and our shareholders an attractive investment. We will offer our employees a strong company with sustainable jobs. And we want to be a reliable industrial partner for society who acts responsibly.

That is what we are working toward - for all who move the world.