Daimler Truck

Digitalization & Services

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best possible support. Therefore we offer outstanding trucks and buses, but also services that go beyond the vehicle. Services that make our customers' daily work easier, more efficient, safer and more comfortable.

To do that, we need to know our customers and their challenges inside out. So we don't just deal with the vehicle on the road. But also with all the processes involved in loading and unloading, fueling, charging, and last but not least: with the demands on fleet managers, dispatchers, and drivers. We look at every step of our customers' value chain. And we asses where we can optimize the total cost of transportation.

Thanks to our Connectivity Services Group we are able to develop our services in a global and interdisciplinary network. This enables us to create synergies throughout the Daimler Truck Group and at the same time offer tailored solutions for every market.