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Daimler Truck's Compliance Management System

Promote compliant behavior throughout the company. Valued-based compliance is an indispensable part of our daily business activities, and it means we act in accordance with laws and regulations. Our Compliance Management System consists of basic principles and measures to promote compliant behavior throughout the company.

As a global company, Daimler Truck is confronted with a variety of very different legal requirements. Our Compliance Management System helps to comply with national and international regulations and is a key element of our comprehensive efforts to ensure ethical behavior Group-wide.
Corinna Jung
Corinna Jung Head of Compliance Programs Daimler Truck

The main objectives of our Group-wide compliance activities are:

Seven Elements That Build on One Another

Our Compliance Management System (CMS) considers national and international standards and is applied on a global scale at Daimler Truck AG and all Group companies. The CMS consists of seven elements that build on one another.