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From hitting the books to getting hands-on - Uncover your chances

Are you fully engaged in your studies or completed your academic journey, looking for some real-world action? Whether you're after an internship, a summer gig, a side hustle as a student, a thesis project, diving into a trainee program, or aiming for a doctorate, Daimler Truck AG has got your back. We've got a bunch of opportunities lined up for you at every step of your academic journey. Jump into the fast-paced world of modern transportation, carving out your path to success while soaking up valuable insights on the way. 

Daimler Truck

Internship - Your First Taste of the Working World

Are you pursuing big professional goals and are ready for the next big step? In our global team, we bring zero-emission and connected driving to the road - and this is where you can be part of this groundbreaking transformation! With us, you can expect not only the benefits of one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, but also a team that gives you the space to develop your full potential and make an impact together.

Your skills, personality and extensive experience are invaluable to us. That's why we invest in your continuous development - both professionally and personally. What are you waiting for? Discover now how you can take your career at Daimler Truck to the next level!

Daimler Truck

Holiday Jobs - Spend Your Break on the Factory Floor

Working at Daimler Truck during your holidays gives you a chance to jump into the workforce and earn some money. You'll assist our expert teams with various tasks and discover potential career paths for your future. Especially in the technical field, you'll get insights into the production processes of a global corporation. 

Daimler Truck

Working students - Work experience alongside your studies

Why wait until you've got that university degree in hand? Get involved as a working student at Daimler Truck. Work on exciting projects while still keeping up with your studies and gain firsthand insights that align with your educational pursuits. With flexible hours that accommodate your class schedule, you can easily balance work and academics. Take advantage of this opportunity to build connections within the company and expand your professional network.

Daimler Truck

Thesis - Launching Your Career Journey

A solid degree sets the stage for your future endeavors. At Daimler Truck, your thesis isn't just another academic assignment – it serves as your gateway into the professional realm. We equip you with vital skills, link you up with industry leaders, and provide tailored assistance throughout your journey. Here, you'll immerse yourself in practical research, dissect real-life situations, contribute your thoughts, and make a meaningful impact on groundbreaking topics shaping our tomorrow.

Daimler Truck

Doctorate - Research for the future

As a recent graduate, you're embarking on an exciting career journey. At Daimler Truck, we invite you to cap off your academic voyage with a doctorate that combines scientific inquiry with practical application. As pioneers in the transportation industry, we're driving the future of mobility forward and backing talented individuals like you. Get plugged into a worldwide network of experts, extensive research materials, and personalized mentorship alongside your academic advisor. We offer ideal settings for your research project, including job contracts, Welcome Days, interdisciplinary training, access to our doctoral network, doctoral marketplaces, and unmatched networking opportunities.

Daimler Truck

Daimler Truck Trainee Programs - Make it your project

The Daimler Truck Trainee Programs offer you the chance to play a significant role in shaping the transformation of our global enterprise and thereby revolutionizing the transport and logistics industry sustainably. As one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, we're actively working on sustainable and future-proof innovations such as alternative propulsion systems, interconnected systems, and autonomous driving technology. In our trainee programs, you'll have the opportunity to hone your skills in your chosen field and contribute your insights to innovative projects. Whether you're a recent graduate or have already gained professional experience, you can select from two distinct development paths: the "Leadership Talent Track" and the "Expert Track." Take charge of shaping the sustainable transport of the future and decide for yourself how you want to make an impact within our company.