Daimler Truck

Being able to plan better

Situation: Only a loaded truck is a good truck. This sounds simple, but in daily trip planning it is a complex task. And of crucial importance: The better the cargo space is used, the more time the driver has available - the better for our customers’ results.

  • Freight and Logistic Management Solutions

    Thanks to intelligent planning tools, our customers can organize the routes of their vehicles much more efficiently. For example, when various loading and unloading points have to be reached on a single trip. There is much more to consider than the traffic situation. Different prioritizations of the freight, the conditions at the delivery point, fueling and loading infrastructure also play an important role.

  • Better control thanks to tracking services

    From the office, fleet managers can look at how their fleet is utilized, what routes vehicles are taking, and where they are. They can then optimize the use of individual vehicles and change trip planning if necessary. For example, when one vehicle has been held up while another still has capacity. Second, at the end of the workday, the fleet manager can remotely check that all vehicles are securely parked with their engines off. This can reduce the risk of theft, and the fleet manager also saves time for on-site checks.