Daimler Truck

Holiday jobs

The clever way to afford your next vacation.

A holiday job with Daimler Truck is more than just a way to earn some cash. We offer school pupils and students the chance to get acquainted with the structures and working practices of a global organization. And to get paid good money while doing so.

You'll learn what it's like to work in a professional environment and be part of a team. Maybe you'll discover new career aspirations. There are a wide range of tasks in different areas of our business.

Most holiday jobs with Daimler Truck are in technical and manufacturing departments. You'll need to be at least

  • 18 years old and in full-time education
  • or waiting to start your vocational apprenticeship,
  • military/volunteer civilian service or degree course.

The duration varies from one site to another but is at least four to eight weeks. The working week is generally 35 or 39 hours. The pay depends on the department in which you are deployed.

If you are interested in a holiday job with Daimler Truck, please apply - online only - to any Daimler Truck site. Holiday jobs are usually advertised on the job search two to six months before they are due to begin.