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Join us to accelerate your career in shaping the future of mobility!

At Daimler Truck, we're paving the way for the future of mobility as we are developing emission-free, automated, and connected driving. Join our global team and be part of the revolution in the transportation industry. Your career with us involves contributing to technological transformation and actively shaping tomorrow's world.

Regardless of whether you specialize in business, engineering, or IT, or would like to strengthen our commercial vehicle centers: What truly matters at Daimler Truck is your personality and your drive to grow sustainably with us. You'll discover the ideal opportunity to kickstart your journey here!

Impactful work – More than just a job

In our international and diverse teams, you'll collaborate on groundbreaking projects with tangible impact. We're all about crafting game-changing products that leave a mark on the world stage and propel society forward. We empower you with the freedom and flexibility to share your ideas and take on significant responsibilities.

Your development – Our promise

Our focus is on nurturing your development, both in your career and personal journey. Dive into our extensive array of digital and hands-on training options, including our Learning Academy, LinkedIn Learning, and international career opportunities, you have the chance to continuously develop yourself at Daimler Truck. Immerse yourself in our collaborative atmosphere and impact-driven culture, where mutual respect and team spirit count, and enjoy the advantages of attractive compensation and a healthy work-life balance.

Ready to seize your career prospects? Join us now and pave the way for the future of transportation!

Business – not as usual

Whether Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Controlling, Financial Services or Human Resources: At Daimler Truck, the door is wide open to all the opportunities, markets, and brands of a top-tier global commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Show us what fuels your passion and sets you apart.

When stepping into strategic and operational product management, you'll collaborate within a diverse team, analyzing international markets and competition while devising effective sales strategies. As a procurement expert, your role entails sourcing diverse material groups and services, ranging from logistics and transportation to IT solutions. In Financial Services, you'll be instrumental in advising our commercial clients on tailored leasing, financing, and insurance solutions for electric vehicles and advanced road safety technologies. Lastly, for those passionate about nurturing our workforce, Human Resources offers opportunities in recruitment, colleague support, HR marketing, and personnel development.

Explore our exciting job opportunities here.

Engineering – Innovation is in our DNA

Here at Daimler Truck, we're all about thinking outside the box and working as a team.

In our research and development department, you're not just a cog in the machine — you're a driving force behind the shift towards sustainable transportation. Your ideas and creativity are what make us stand out, and we're on the lookout for individuals like you to help revolutionize Daimler Truck's product lineup with alternative drive systems and components.

Are you ready to join us on this exciting journey? Here at Daimler Truck, you'll have the opportunity to lead the way in innovation and have a real impact on shaping sustainable mobility solutions. Depending on your expertise and interests, you can contribute across various areas and continuously expand your professional horizons — from developing product ideas to designing, simulating, implementing, and validating prototypes, all the way to overseeing series production and integrating them into vehicles, followed by ongoing support.

If you're eager to advance your career in research and development and become part of a team that's shaping the future of transportation, apply now!

IT – Your future is on the screen

At Daimler Truck, you have the chance to lead the way in IT innovation.

As an IT expert, you'll collaborate with diverse teams on exciting projects and craft sustainable solutions. The sky's the limit: You might oversee complex IT infrastructure projects, set standards and guidelines for our sites, or ensure the quality of our IT solutions. The possibilities are endless, and you'll play an essential role in shaping tomorrows tech landscape.

At Daimler Truck, IT isn't just about tech — it's about embracing the latest innovations to transform transportation and create solutions that stand the test of time. This is your chance to dive into the world of agile work and cutting-edge technologies. Plus, the timing couldn't be more perfect: With Daimler Truck's independence, you'll have the rare opportunity to reimagine and reconstruct the IT landscape for central systems. Your ideas are not just welcome—they're essential!

Your creative mind will help our business partners bring their wildest IT infrastructure dreams to life. You're not just a consultant — you're an enabler for new concepts and solutions that focus on sustainability and innovation. From planning to execution, you'll make sure our projects tick all the boxes: staying on schedule, within budget, and up to snuff in terms of quality and risk management. Ready to make your mark? Let's do this!

Hey, data enthusiasts! Get ready to dive deep into the world of Data Analytics at Daimler Truck. You'll be the powerhouse behind analyzing data that fuels our business decisions and drives innovation. Working across different teams, you'll tackle complex data structures, uncover patterns, and build predictive models to level up our products and services.

Ready to turbocharge your IT career and make a tangible impact? Don't wait any longer — apply now and join us in shaping a sustainable and innovative future.

Production/Manufacturing – our Engine for Progress!

At Daimler Truck’s production hub, you dive into cutting-edge projects, harnessing state-of-the-art tech and gear to craft our vehicles.

Here, we're all about using tools like laser cutting, welding, and 3D printing. Your skills and drive matter a great deal – whether you're a master of metal, an electrical expert, adept in mechatronics, skilled in glasswork, or sharp with digital technology. Your expertise and dedication are valued and needed to shape the future of transportation. As part of the Daimler Truck production crew, you have the power to make real changes, owning the future of mobility and sparking some serious impact. Let's make progress together!

To get you right on the fast lane, we provide tailored growth opportunities through our exclusive Learning Academy, advanced technical training sessions, corporate-backed certification programs, and paths for personal development like pursuing a university degree or other qualifications.

Are you keen to join a committed and forward-thinking team that impacts both trucks and people? Apply today!

Legal & Compliance

Your expertise plays an essential role in supporting us in Legal & Compliance, navigating the ever-changing landscape and diverse challenges of the international market and a global corporation.

Working within a dynamic, interdisciplinary team alongside colleagues from around the globe, you’ll contribute significantly to the evolution of Daimler Truck and our product lineup.

As a Legal & Compliance expert, you champion the values, strategic vision, and business goals of Daimler Truck. Together with your team, you provide comprehensive legal and compliance services for all business areas, identifying potential risks within the company and crafting solutions to minimize risks for the future. Your customer-centric approach and problem-solving skills are crucial in ensuring our long-term success.

The vast area of Legal & Compliance offers many exciting topics and tasks for you to put your expertise to good use – from public law to capital market law, procurement and sales law, to the realms of data privacy and product compliance. No matter which specialization you choose, your well-founded advice in Legal & Compliance brings clarity to complex matters, driving our company's success forward.

Are you excited to put your expertise, sharpness, and eye for detail to good use at Daimler Truck and advance your career in Legal & Compliance? Then seize the opportunity and apply now!

Career at the own retail – Your passion fuels us!

Looking to kickstart your career alongside a dynamic team?

Join the squad at the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Centers of Daimler Truck and let's make magic happen together! We're all about turning your passion into fuel for our success. Here, you'll have the chance to unleash your expertise, share your innovative ideas, and bring your passion to the table to deliver top-notch service to our customers day in and day out. We thrive on your enthusiasm, so are you ready to roll with us? Let's do this!

We're the go-to pros for sales and service across our brands. With around 2,000 people at roughly 25 commercial vehicle centers in Germany, we're all about bringing the energy to our diverse lineup of wheels. Whether it's light or heavy trucks for long-haul journeys, specialty vehicles, or rental trucks—your know-how makes all the difference. You'll be rocking individual customer advice and finding the perfect commercial vehicle for every challenge. And when things don't go as smoothly as usual, you'll be the ultimate wingman. Teaming up with our crew of dedicated and top-notch folks, you'll have those commercial vehicles back on the road in no time!

Our promise of "Trucks you can trust" goes beyond just words—it's a commitment to top-notch quality and reliability. With your love for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, your skills, and your genuine attitude, you'll play a key role in keeping our customers inspired, day in and day out.

Ready to kickstart your career?