Western Star 5700

Western Star

Western Star is the premium manufacturer in North America for heavy-duty trucks for special-purpose and long-distance haulage. The Western Star focus is on reliability, performance and the driver. With their striking exteriors and ideal suitability for off-road applications the vehicles are without a doubt “serious trucks for serious truckers.”

Custom-built to meet every customer's needs, Western Star Trucks offer a wide range of powertrain options, with customers able to choose from numerous sector-specific configuration options, ranging from the bumper through to the cab rear wall. With the X-Series, the brand has completely revamped its product portfolio. The 47X, 49X and 57X models set new standards in terms of safety, durability, technology and versatility.

Reliable powerhouses

Western Star Trucks are veritable powerhouses and built to transport very heavy loads. Comfort is another key consideration: Western Star offers a range of sleeping cab variants, making the brand very popular among long-distance drivers. With their high-level of attention to detail in terms of design and exterior looks, Western Star Trucks offer a compelling mix of high-quality components, customized special equipment and appointments, and genuine craftsmanship.

Part of Daimler Truck North America

Western Star Truck Sales, Inc. became part of Daimler Truck North America in 2000. The vehicles are produced in the United States.