Who we are

We at Daimler Truck work for all who keep the world moving. Without trucks and buses, factories would have nothing to produce, supermarkets would have nothing to sell, and people could not travel back and forth! We are convinced, that everything we do, contributes to a cleaner, safer, more efficient and more connected world: For goods, for people, for all of us.

As a global company with over 100.000 employees spread all around the globe, we know that different ideas, perspectives and origins move us forward. Global diversity and regional strength combined with team spirit is what makes us succeed. Nevertheless, we are not yet where we want to be: We learn from each other, share insights and are always looking forward to new input. This way, we all do our part in transforming the future of transportation into a sustainable one.

At Daimler Truck, you can work with a global team and learn from experienced experts who work passionately on their topics. Because with different perspectives, we make global impact.

We embrace each challenge with the flexibility it takes to overcome it. And we don’t stop when we’ve succeeded – there is always another challenge around the corner. Especially now, in an environment where so much is in motion. In order to shape the future of transportation and develop nations, we innovate, reinvent ourselves continuously and build the way forward for a cleaner and safer world!

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