Daimler Truck

Who we are

Diverse. International. Sustainable. Innovative. Grow.

Working at Daimler Truck means working with the voice of the industry.
We are here to make a change, to make real impact together.

That is why we take global responsibility and work towards our vision: Leading Sustainable Transportation.

People are what makes us - everyone makes the difference at Daimler Truck.
As one global team, we drive success: from conventional powertrains to the future of sustainable transportation. 
We build to solve. Constantly pursuing our goals. Our culture. Our daily life.

It’s your impact that makes the difference.
Only together, we will achieve a more sustainable transportation, reduce our carbon footprint, increase safety on and off the track, develop smarter technology and financial solutions. All essential, to fulfill our purpose for all who keep the world moving.
That’s why we rely on each other. We start with listening to your insights, thougts, ideas.

Let’s unleash our collective potential to build our future, progress together and lead with the long view.
Because everything you do has an impact. It matters. This is what we call impact Culture.