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Daimler Truck Financial Services is your trusted companion, providing flexible and customer centric financing, leasing and insurance solutions tailored to give you predictable costs and manageable risks – over the entire lifecycle of your vehicle.

  • Leasing

    If you prefer to drive your truck - or let it drive - than own it, then truck leasing is the right choice for you. Because you only pay for the time and mileage that you actually drive with your leasing commercial vehicle. Whether you choose to lease a new or a used truck, the leasing offers from Daimler Truck Financial Services let you retain your financial flexibility while driving a state-of-the-art commercial vehicle - which also brings decisive advantages in terms of safety, comfort and economy.

    If you have decided on a new or a used truck, you can then agree directly with the dealer on the framework conditions of leasing--for example the special leasing payment, the contract term, the mileage and the monthly leasing installment. At the end of the contract period, the vehicle is simply returned to the dealer and you can decide on your next new or used leasing truck.

    The advantages of truck leasing at a glance:

    Fixed rates

    When you lease a truck, you always know exactly what costs you have to expect. Your capital is not tied up. Because you only pay for the vehicle use - in favorable monthly installments, which are constant for you from the beginning to the end of the leasing contract.

    Individually defined

    Together with your dealer, you define the individual framework data of your leasing contract. For example, you can opt for a higher special leasing payment and thus reduce the monthly leasing rate. The duration of the contract and the mileage also influence the amount of the monthly installments. During the service life of the vehicle, your rates are always constant and the residual value is guaranteed.

    Modern fleet

    Especially when it comes to safety, new technology is better than old. Truck leasing gives you the advantage that you can keep your fleet up to date in a cost-saving manner and thus benefit from the latest technology.

    Flexible expansion

    You want to expand your fleet, but don't want to commit yourself to the vehicles for a long time because you don't know what the future holds? Even then, truck leasing is the right choice for you. Because of comparatively short running times, the costs are manageable.

    Fair billing

    If you drive more or less kilometers with your truck than agreed in the leasing contract, these will be billed transparently and fairly on the basis of contractually guaranteed rates.

    Guaranteed residual value

    Residual value is the part of the vehicle purchase price that is not repaid by your payments during the term of the contract. The residual value is determined on the basis of vehicle type, vehicle characteristics, the term of your leasing contract and the annual mileage. There will be no surprises, because the residual value is guaranteed from the beginning.

  • Dynamic Lease

    The industry's first “pay-as-you-drive” leasing financing is already live in the US and Japan. Dynamic Lease enables customers to adjust the leasing rates to the actual use of the vehicle.

    With the increasing networking of our vehicles, we can meet our customers' desire for more flexibility and transparency with products such as Dynamic Lease. For truck customers, the dynamic control of their leasing tariffs on the basis of mileage actually driven means additional financial flexibility for their fleet planning.

    “Pay-per-use” leasing: the future of truck financing

    With traditional leasing, the customer forecasts the mileage of the truck for the coming years before signing the contract. If the customer exceeds the mileage, an additional payment has to be made so far. With Dynamic Lease, customers are billed only for the kilometers actually driven, in addition to the standard contractual basic fee. A customer's leasing package is linked to a serial number for each truck. With the customer's consent, data on the total mileage of this truck is automatically transmitted to Daimler Truck Financial via connectivity systems. This enables the vehicle-specific rate to be calculated for the customer on a monthly basis.

    Dynamic Lease is the future of truck financing.

    By networking the vehicles, we can record the actual mileage of the vehicles and adjust the tariff for the customer according to how much the vehicle has actually been driven.

  • Financing

    With the right financing solutions, commercial vehicles become even more useful. Compared to direct purchases, they also relieve you of financial burdens. You have more funds left over to realize other projects as you dont have to pay the full purchase price right at the beginning. In this way, commercial vehicle financing makes it even easier for you to increase your fleet as required and to achieve your business goals even faster with each additional vehicle by manageable monthly installments. With payment of the last installment, the truck is yours.

    A good truck has its price. But you don't have to pay it right away, at least not in one fell swoop. Because unlike the classic purchase, you do not put the full amount on the table for commercial vehicle financing. You finance your commercial vehicle through a loan with manageable monthly installments. This gives you the security of being able to plan for the future in the long term.

    Flexible customization options

    When financing your truck, you can help determine your monthly installments by means of a down payment and/or final installment as well as a term. It does not matter whether you finance a new or a used vehicle.

    Unrestricted freedom of movement

    Another decisive advantage of financing: You can drive your truck as much as you want or need. In addition to a lot of freedom of choice, truck financing also gives you full freedom of movement.

    Which financing methods are available*

    Plus3 Financing

    At the end of the contract period, you have three options. You decide whether you can conveniently continue to finance the final installment for your vehicle with a separately agreed follow-up financing, return it at the contractually agreed surrender value or keep or sell it after payment of the final installment.

    Standard Financing

    At the beginning, you agree with your dealer on the amount of the deposit and the length of the term. From this, the constant monthly rate is calculated. After you have paid the last installment, the truck is yours.

    Final installment financing

    Right from the start, you pay a constant monthly installment, the amount of which is calculated according to the agreed final installment and contract term. The deposit for your truck usually corresponds to the amount of VAT. At the end of the contract period, you have the choice between a final one-off payment and follow-up financing1 of the final installment - depending on liquidity and your individual planning.

    Seasonal rate financing

    Here you can adjust the amount of the installments for your truck to your business development when concluding the financing contract and thus create financial leeway. If things go well, you pay slightly higher rates, in quieter times you have a lower monthly burden.

    *Offers depending on market availability

  • Hire purchase

    In the case of hire-purchase, you agree on the permanent acquisition of ownership as soon as the contract is concluded. You repay the purchase price during the term of the contract and acquire the legal ownership of the vehicle upon payment of the final installment. The advantages of hire-purchase are obvious. You protect your liquidity and receive your credit lines. The beneficial ownership is already with you from the beginning of the contract. This means that you can immediately activate and write off the commercial vehicle in the balance sheet.

  • Insurance

    Don’t worry - you can protect your business from financial risks.

    Daimler Truck Financial Services knows the transport industry - and the challenges you face. Whether you use your truck for commercial freight transport or for own-use transport - you are exposed to many risks every day. Because accidents cannot be foreseen, you should ensure good protection. Truck insurance offers you various options for insuring your vehicle - tailored to your transport tasks. In order to be able to register your truck, the legislator prescribes a motor vehicle liability insurance.

    It applies if your vehicle injures people, damages property or property. In addition to this compulsory insurance, there is the optional partial and fully comprehensive insurance, which can be booked as required. With these insurance options, you protect yourself against damage to your own vehicle that you have caused yourself or that has arisen due to external influences.

Daimler Truck Financial Services is opening a new chapter in the history of financial services. With a portfolio of 21 Billion Euro, we are the largest captive financial and mobility services company in our industry and a completely integrated part of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer - Daimler Truck AG.

We act in 16 Markets to ensure that our solution suits your business environment. We are dedicated to building your business and protecting your operation. You know your business best – and our experts will help you to tailor-make financial and insurance products to suit your operational needs and goals. We supply customers with vehicles of all classes from Daimler Truck AG including modified special-purpose vehicles for specific applications. Get financial leeway with individually tailored financing and leasing solutions.

Financing or Leasing for your Commercial Vehicle?

If you want to call a vehicle your own and want to maintain your financial leeway, you decide on financing. With leasing, you always drive a commercial vehicle with the latest technology and at the same time protect your liquidity. Because with leasing, instead of the full purchase price, you only pay for the actual use of the vehicle.