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Our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct

Guideline to doing the right thing

Only those who act responsibly will be successful in the long term. Our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct provides us with guidance for our actions: The policy sets out clearly which rules apply to every single one of us and which principles we follow. In short, it helps us to make the right decisions.

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Behaving the right way is the basis of our actions

We all make countless decisions every day. In this context, our own values play a crucial role: They ultimately determine the success and failure of our actions. In addition to our private lives, this naturally also applies to our day-to-day work. At Daimler Truck, we rely on values such as trust and integrity and on common principles about how we want to work together. Our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct defines our common understanding of how we behave in the right way. Because: Our behavior makes the difference.
Martin Daum
Martin Daum Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler Truck Holding AG
Being one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers means having comprehensive responsibility – towards our employees, our customers and business partners, the society and environment, for all who keep the world moving. That is why we aim to do the right thing. In every production hall and every office, every day. Our Group-wide Daimler Truck Code of Conduct is central part of our corporate culture and describes the values as well as actions we are incorporating in our day-to-day work at Daimler Truck.
Florian Hofer
Florian Hofer Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

The only way for us as a company to set an example on a global scale is to act in a responsible manner at local level: On every production site and in every office worldwide, independently of the area of responsibility or hierarchy level. Therefore, employees from various parts of the world and from different areas of the company have contributed to our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct, our guideline to doing the right thing.

Principles for all who keep the world moving

Our four “Purpose Principles” are the heart of our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct. They sum up how we want to work together and are the basis for the actions of our employees:

We start with listening.

Before we start, let’s get an overview. We start with examining questions and not just general answers. We foster a culture of collaboration where open exchange and feedback is appreciated and rewarded. We are humbled by the fact that we know our work goes much further than we alone can see. In this way, we learn what strengths we already have, how we can further improve ourselves and our high-quality products and services, and what is particularly relevant for our customers on the road.

We build to solve.

Our customers, society and economies are constantly on the move, which is why we are continuously following them and adapting every solution to the current situation. In order to shape the future, we promote an environment in which we openly address errors and overcome them together. Challenges make each of us want to tackle them successfully. We are empowered and encouraged to make decisions by carefully weighing up opportunities and risks. If we do not feel safe in a situation, we seek expert advice. In particular, we are attentive to any conflicts of interest that may arise, we never tolerate corruption or fraud, and we enable fair competition.

We lead with the long view.

Since we have been at our customers' sides for many generations now, we can draw on a wealth of experience. We think decades ahead and work for future generations. We use our past learnings to enhance our future opportunity to fulfill our responsibility to the people, environment and society in the best possible way. We are not striving for short-term success, but for the right and sustainable solution. This is reflected in our daily behavior and decision-making. We develop innovations that enable safe, efficient, and reliable transport. Ultimately, our customers base their existence on our products and services. That’s why we see ourselves as a partner for their economic success – we advise and support them throughout the entire shared journey.

We progress together.

A connected world thrives. If we combine our individual strengths and intelligence, we will achieve much more than we would alone. That’s why we actively lend each other a helping hand. We are convinced that the combination of the different characteristics of our employees – for example, with regard to gender, age, (cognitive) diversity, cultural background, and education level – will produce better results. We develop new technologies together. Our mutual progress also moves our customers forward. For us, teamwork based on respect is a core part of our daily work. We learn from each other, whether it be across professions, departments, or countries. We also take care of each other, because people are what make our company. We are committed to respecting human rights and the rights of each individual. We have many brands within the Daimler Truck Group – and behind them all is a strong family that shares the same motivation: creating progress for our customers' benefit.

What we mean by behaving the right way

We comply with laws, internal and external rules, agreements with employee representatives and trade unions, and voluntary commitments. In addition, we act according to our corporate values and listen to our inner compass.

However, what exactly do we mean by behaving the right way? For us at Daimler Truck, behaving the right way means:

A few examples of our behavior guidelines

  • Diversity, Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

    Diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion are part of our Daimler Truck corporate strategy, which addresses conscientiously handling diversity and individuality.

  • Product Safety and Compliance with Technical Regulations

    The quality of our products is one of the highest priorities for us at Daimler Truck.

  • Health and Safety

    The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees take the highest priority at Daimler Truck.

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Our patents are some of the most important resources of Daimler Truck and must be protected

  • Corruption Prevention

    We do not give or take bribes.

  • Environmental Production

    We strive to achieve exemplary environmental and energy performance worldwide.

  • Respecting and Safeguarding Human Rights

    We are strongly committed to respect and safeguard human rights and we expect the same from our business partners throughout the value chain.

  • Donations and Sponsorships

    We consider corporate success to be inseparable from social responsibility.

  • Gifts and Invitations

    When dealing with business partners and customers, gifts and invitations are common practice and permitted within appropriate limits.

  • Handling Data

    Digitalization is creating new opportunities that we at Daimler Truck want to benefit from responsibly.