Daimler Truck

International Councils

European Works Council and World Employee Committee

The European Works Council (EWC) and the World Employee Committee (WEC) represent the global interests of all employees of the Daimler Truck Group. The special feature of Daimler Truck: In an agreement with the company management, both bodies were combined under one top management consisting of a chairperson and a vice chairperson. As a result, countries outside the European Union have the same rights and obligations as those of the EU to which the EWC Directive directly applies. A five-member Presidium is responsible for coordinating European affairs. When it comes to issues that go beyond Europe, they are coordinated by an Executive Committee consisting of six members.

The purpose of the EWC/WEC is transnational cooperation between management and labour representatives as well as constructive dialogue between the parties. The body is responsible for transnational matters of fundamental importance. The company management informs the EWC/WEC about transnational planning that may have an impact on the sites and their employees. If extraordinary circumstances occur, such as relocations of operations or takeovers, the committee must be informed. In addition, the company management and the EWC/WEC can agree on further areas of cooperation, for example the qualification of employees and measures for occupational health and safety.

The EWC/WEC consists of a maximum of 38 members. Any country with more than 150 employees may appoint a representative. The number of representatives depends on the number of employees and is capped at a maximum of six secondees. Daimler Truck employees must be posted for the countries covered by the European Works Councils Act. The labour representatives in Germany are delegated by the Group Works Council. For all countries not covered by the EWC Directive, the members of the body are appointed or elected in accordance with national laws and practice. Typically, these are company union representatives who are also employees of the Daimler Truck Group. The term of office of EWC/WEC members is four years.

Trade union coordinators nominated by industriAll European Trade Union or industriALL Global Union support the EWC/WEC as permanent experts. They have the right to attend all meetings, including those of the EWC/WEC and the EC.

Chairman of the EWC/WEC is Michael Brecht – he is also Chairman of the General and Group Works Councils of Daimler Truck. His deputy is Joerg Lorz, who is also a Vice Chairman of the Group Works Council.

The Presidium consists of Michel Souday (France), Frank Trampedach (Germany) and Luis Duarte (Portugal).

The Executive Committee is formed by Michel Souday (France), Luis Duarte (Portugal) and Maicon Michel da Silva (Brazil).