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Data Compliance Management System

Responsible use of data. Data Compliance Management at Daimler Truck AG.

At Daimler Truck, we handle the data of our employees, our customers and business partners responsibly. Why? Because data protection affects all of us; because data protection is central to creating trust, preventing misuse, and ensuring business success. As a cornerstone for compliance with data protection standards, we have established our Data Compliance Management System.
Dr. Birte Mössner
Dr. Birte Mössner Chief Data Privacy Officer Daimler Truck

Connectivity and digitalization play a decisive role in the commercial vehicle industry. Many Daimler Truck customers are already using the digital services offered by the company. In addition, our customers benefit from data-driven offers from our sales and service teams, and in our production, stronger networking of plant and machinery ensures workflows that are more efficient. Digital product planning also saves valuable resources. Our aim is to handle data responsibly. To this end, we focus on the needs of our customers and their employees. Our Group-wide Data Compliance Management System helps us to plan, implement and monitor measures for complying with data protection requirements.

Our commitment to data responsibility

With our commitment to data responsibility, we have defined a clear framework for action for the Daimler Truck Group on how we handle data based on the three guiding principles of “added value”, “business potential” and “responsible use of data”.

Added value
We add value for our customers and business partners with data. By analyzing data, we continuously improve our products and can offer innovative digital services for the benefit of our customers and business partners. We inform our customers and their employees as well as our business partners transparently about the use of data.

Business potential
We consider data as a valuable asset to generate a sustainable increase in value for our company. Data and its systematic analysis is the basis for new business models, innovative technologies and efficient internal processes. To this end, we ensure high quality, transparency and availability of the collected data within our company.

Responsible use of data
We use data responsibly and thus create sustainable trust among our employees, customers and business partners. With our worldwide Data Compliance Management System, we ensure adherence to all data protection requirements. By continuously improving our high data privacy and data security standards we create the basis for secure and responsible use of data.

Privacy-friendly product development

Ensuring effective data protection in vehicles is an integral component of our product development. Today, our customers and their employees can already use digital services for fleet management and maintenance management as well as live traffic information. Such applications are based on data processing. One focus of our data protection activities is thus on a privacy-friendly design for connected vehicles, automated driving functions, and new services and applications. The principle ”Privacy by Design” is the basis for this. This means that our data privacy experts work with engineers and IT developers early in the product creation phase focusing on responsible handling of data.

The Data Compliance Management System

In order to meet the regulatory requirements concerning data, we combine the existing measures, processes and systems for data compliance into a Data Compliance Management System (Data CMS). It helps us to plan systematically the measures for complying with data protection regulations with a risk-based approach, to implement them throughout the Group and to monitor continuously their implementation. Daimler Truck’s “Global Data and Information Policy” lays the foundation for responsible and legally compliant handling of information and data worldwide. It defines a binding minimum standard for all Group units, which is supplemented by the requirements of our “EU Data Protection Policy” and the applicable local data protection laws.

Anchoring data privacy and data compliance in our organization

The Data Privacy & Data Compliance department is responsible for all matters relating to the protection of personal data. The Chief Data Privacy Officer who performs the tasks defined by law to comply with data protection regulations manages the department. Together with her team, she monitors compliance with data protection laws and our data protection policies. Her responsibilities also include handling data protection-related complaints and communicating with the supervisory authorities for data protection. Furthermore, the Data Privacy & Data Compliance department defines the methods, processes and systems for the Data CMS to be adequate. The team also supports all central and local group units in minimizing data-related risks, assesses them, and uses this to come up with specific compliance solutions along with the respective management. In addition, it conducts numerous communication and training measures and advises the data controller and business departments on all data protection issues. The Chief Data Privacy Officer is independent and reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Management.

Data privacy at our sites and facilities

Our approach to manage data privacy effectively also relies on local contact persons at our numerous sites and facilities around the world. They assist the respective local management in implementing the data privacy and data compliance measures.