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"It's about making a difference with our actions." - Interview on the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct

08.02.2024 | Corporate

In 2023, Daimler Truck published its code of conduct, the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct, in a revised version. Within the Legal & Compliance Department, Jörg Stuber, Director Governance & Compliance Systems, and Anne Lehnhoff, Manager Compliance Program Strategy & Development, initiated, supported, and took responsibility for the revision of the company’s own guideline to doing the right thing. In the following interview, they will provide insights into why the document is of central importance for Daimler Truck, what goals they have and why the policy is worth reading.

Mr. Stuber, why was it important and right to revise the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct?

Jörg Stuber: With the spin-off from Daimler AG, we wanted to ensure that our own DNA is reflected in the document that defines how we work together successfully: our guideline to doing the right thing. Therefore, we have created our own Daimler Truck Code of Conduct, based on our jointly developed corporate principles: We start with listening. We build to solve. We lead with the long view. We progress together.

Of course, we have also updated its content. However, it was important for us that the policy reflects our drive, the purpose of our company: For all who keep the world moving.

Ms. Lehnhoff, Mr. Stuber mentioned several reasons why revising the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct was necessary. However, why does Daimler Truck still require such a guideline?

Anne Lehnhoff: When answering this question, it is important to consider various aspects. Firstly, the guideline reflects the common set of values at Daimler Truck. Above all, our Board of Management uses the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct to communicate its expectations regarding responsible behavior. The policy also provides guidance for our day-to-day work, which is particularly important. In addition, the guideline serves not only as a support tool internally but also has a formal function. In the ESG context, it is a crucial component of the “G” pillar of corporate governance, communicating our behavior guidelines to external parties.

The Daimler Truck Code of Conduct now includes the message “YOUMAKEUS - Your behavior makes the difference”. Why did you decide on this central message?

Jörg Stuber: Essentially, our focus is always on 'US' - what defines us and how we collaborate at Daimler Truck. However, it is equally important that everyone contributes to exemplifying our corporate culture and success as a company. Therefore, it is about making a difference with our actions, which is why we decided to take up this approach in the central message of our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct.

The Daimler Truck Code of Conduct covers various relevant topics, including the way we collaborate and the legal regulations that apply to us as a company and employees. A crucial aspect is discussing openly - in short speak-up culture. How essential is it in your daily work?

Jörg Stuber: Very essential. We are amid the biggest transformation in the commercial vehicle industry, and mistakes can happen in such a dynamic environment. From my point of view, it is crucial to address potential mistakes openly because I have learned that you can solve problems together far better than alone. And that only works if you talk to each other in a transparent way. That is why I am convinced that a positive error culture is essential. In cases where the opportunities for dialogue reach their limits in everyday work, we have established our Speak Up platform, which can be used to report potential misconduct.

Ms. Lehnhoff, what are your next goals regarding the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct?

Anne Lehnhoff: The overarching goal is to continuously increase awareness of the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct and its contents: We want to sensitize our colleagues worldwide to compliant behavior, but also show them what we want to achieve with our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct: To be successful in the long term by acting responsibly – together.

Mr. Stuber, to conclude with a slightly provocative question: Why is it worth reading the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct?

Jörg Stuber: The Daimler Truck Code of Conduct should be seen as our reference work: If you are confronted with a question in a challenging situation, for example in the event of a conflict of interest, simply pick up the document and look up what the policy recommends. Many issues in your own environment can be resolved quite easily. Therefore, I recommend reading the document more than just one time.

Mr. Stuber, Ms. Lehnhoff, thank you very much for your time and the interesting conversation.

[The interview was conducted on January 25, 2024.]

Jörg Stuber is the Director of Governance and Compliance Systems at Daimler Truck since July 2021. In this position, he is accountable for the worldwide Compliance Management System of the company.

After graduating from Stuttgart University of Cooperative Education and Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, the industrial engineering graduate worked as a consultant at various companies for several years. In January 2010, he joined the development department for heavy duty commercial vehicle engines at the former Daimler AG in Stuttgart. He then held various management positions within the Group before moving to the Compliance Department as Senior Manager Product Compliance in 2017.

Anne Lehnhoff is Manager of Compliance Program Strategy & Development at Daimler Truck since December 2021.

After graduating from Lueneburg University of Applied Sciences with a diploma in business administration and several years of consultancy work at one of the Big4 auditing firms, she joined Daimler AG in Stuttgart in 2012 in the compliance area. With the spin-off from Daimler AG in 2021, Anne Lehnhoff is responsible for the Daimler Truck Code of Conduct, among other things.

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