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Whistleblower System Business Practices Office @ Daimler Truck

Fairness and honesty are the basis for achieving long-term goals together and for creating a spirit of trust in our company. The Whistleblower System BPO (Business Practices Office) is an important element of good corporate governance and an integral part of our Compliance Management System within the entire Daimler Truck group.

Complying with rules and standards is the only way we can avoid causing damage to our company, our staff and our business partners. Compliance with the law and internal regulations is a top priority for Daimler Truck. Therefore, misconduct must be identified as early as possible. The Whistleblower System BPO was created to enable a protected way to report violations of regulations. The BPO enables employees and external whistleblowers to report violations anywhere in the world. Different country-specific local legal requirements must be considered when using the Whistleblower System BPO. Where permitted by the local laws, anonymous reports are also possible.

Please note: Complaints procedure for Daimler Truck supply chain
Potential violations of our Business Partner Standards, including in particular violations of human rights and environmental obligations by our direct and indirect suppliers, can also be reported to the BPO. The BPO will forward these reports to the internal unit responsible for the complaints procedure.
The complaints procedure for Daimler Truck supply chain is used to process tip-offs or complaints about potential human rights and environmental law violations in the supply chain of Daimler Truck. More information can be found here.

The Whistleblower System BPO classifies reports, received from the whistleblowers, according to the risk posed to the company and its employees. Violations posing a high risk include, for example, offenses relating to corruption, breaches of antitrust law and violations of Anti-Money Laundering regulations, as well as violations of binding technical provisions or violations in connection with human rights or environmental regulations. After receipt of the tip-off, the BPO conducts an initial risk-based assessment of the potential violation. For tip-offs with high risks exposure for the company and its employees, an initial legal review of the incident is carried out. If the review comes to the result, that the suspicions are substantiated, the case is assigned to the appropriate investigative unit (e.g. Corporate Security, Corporate Audit or Legal Division) with specific orders to conduct an investigation. For all received tip-offs, the BPO ensures that reported violations are effectively assessed.

The affected employee is given the opportunity – as soon as possible – to respond to the allegations. Until the violation is proven, the employee will be considered innocent. Incriminating and exonerating evidence is considered equally during the investigation. The BPO accompanies the processing of tip-offs until the case has been closed. While doing so, the BPO ensures the highest confidentiality. Moreover, our Whistleblower System places great importance on fairness – in dealing with both whistleblowers and employees affected by an allegation. The BPO always applies the principle of proportionality. We examine each case individually to determine what consequences are suitable, necessary and appropriate.

Daimler Truck strives to deal with incoming reports as efficient as possible and without undue delay. At the same time, care is taken to ensure that the whistleblower is given sufficient time to respond to queries and present relevant facts as part of the initial review and, if necessary, investigation. Depending on the scope and complexity of the case, the proper examination of a tip-off might take between a few weeks and several months.

Business Practices Office contact details

Daimler Truck AG
TL/GCB - Business Practices Office (BPO)
Postfach 10 01 54
70745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
E-Mail: bpo@daimlertruck.com

BPO reporting form

You may use the reporting form to report suspicions of a severe violation – if desired anonymous – to the Whistleblower System BPO.

BPO Reporting Form

Free external Hotlines

In Brazil, Japan, South Africa and the USA, a hotline is also available. If your country is not listed here, please contact the BPO by e-mail (bpo@daimlertruck.com) or the BPO Reporting Form.

BPO Hotlines

  • Brazil (+55) 0800-717-7435
  • USA
    • East (+1) 877-235-2112
    • West (+1) 877-259-7770
  • South Africa (+27) 080-099-6390
  • Japan (+81) 012-026-7117

Neutral Intermediary

In Germany, whistleblowers have an external neutral intermediary as an additional point of contact. The neutral intermediary is an independent attorney who is appointed by the company and sworn to secrecy vis-à-vis the company.

Whistleblowers can also contact this intermediary if they have concrete indications that suggest a violation of the regulations with major risks in connection with the Daimler Group. He receives tips regarding regulatory violations from the company’s employees, customers or business partners.

As an attorney, the neutral intermediary is subject to a duty of confidentiality towards the company. Whistleblowers who wish to remain unidentified can therefore be guaranteed absolute anonymity in relation to the company. With the whistleblower's consent, the neutral intermediary passes on the information – in anonymized form if requested – to the Whistleblower System BPO.

If you have concrete indications of a violation you can contact the neutral intermediary using the following contact details.

Neutral Intermediary contact details

Attorney Dr. Regina Michalke
Kanzlei HammPartner Rechtsanwälte
Wolfsgangstr. 92
60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 69 959 1900
E-mail: daimlertruck@ra-neutralermittler.de