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Dr. Sopna Sury - Green hydrogen: the energy providers’ perspective | #05.04 CEO-Podcast „Transportation Matters“

01. February 2024 - Hydrogen plays a crucial role in the transformation: it is a versatile energy source, storage, and carrier, but how can a hydrogen economy become a reality? What could the required infrastructure look like in our near future? Who will bear the associated costs? And how can the truck industry use hydrogen profitably? Martin Daum discusses all of this with Dr Sopna Sury. She is responsible for the hydrogen strategy of the global energy company RWE and explains what challenges and opportunities energy suppliers see and what specific goals RWE has set itself.

Additional note: This podcast episode was recorded in December, so the recently announced green hydrogen project with Daimler Truck and Masdar is not discussed. You can find more information about this project here: https://dth.ag/daimlertruck-hydrogen-en

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