Daimler Truck

Dr. Reiner Haseloff – transformation as prime minister’s priority (German) | #05.07 CEO-Podcast „Transportation Matters“

08. May 2024 - Daimler Truck is currently building its new logistics site for the worldwide spare parts supply of Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Saxony-Anhalt. Of course, the convenient location in the heart of Europe plays an important role here - but Saxony-Anhalt is also doing a lot right beyond that. In an interview with Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum, Minister President Dr. Reiner Haseloff explains why location development is a top priority for him, how he convinces companies to locate in his state, how he wants to use the transformation of the economy towards CO2 neutrality to move Saxony-Anhalt forward - and why a positive image of Germany is so important for the prosperity of us all.

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