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#04.01 | Britta Heidemann - motivation and competition CEO-Podcast „Transportation Matters“

15. June 2022 - Daimler Truck launches the fourth season of Martin Daum’s CEO Podcast “Transportation Matters”. This episode's guest is German fencing icon and multi-award-winning Olympic champion Britta Heidemann who talks with Martin Daum about motivation and competition.

Motivation and competition play a decisive role in many aspects of life, including sport and business. In the latest podcast episode, they discuss the similarities and differences between these two worlds. How important is motivation, how do you motivate yourself and other people, and what can we learn from each other?

Britta Heidemann is a qualified expert on China and one of the most popular Germans in the country. It is therefore no surprise that the discussion also touches upon the cultural differences between China and Europe respectively Germany.


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