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#02.06 | Jeremy Rifkin – The future of hydrogen CEO-Podcast „Transportation Matters“

03. December 2020 - In this episode, Martin Daum talks to Jeremy Rifkin. The US-economist, author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania is considered a visionary of the hydrogen economy. Daum and Rifkin exchange views about hydrogen as an energy source of the future and its significance for the transportation industry.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe - and its potential for the mobility sector is almost as vast as outer space itself. As an energy carrier for fuel cell technology for instance, it plays a central role in Daimler‘s drive strategy. The advantages are obvious: zero emissions, long range and short refueling times.

Hydrogen can also be one answer to the issue of meeting climate change requirements.

Martin Daum and Jeremy Rifkin explore why the time for hydrogen energy has come, and examine how infrastructure has to evolve to fully utilize hydrogen´s potential.

Enjoy the final episode of this season.

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