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#02.05 | Claudia Nemat – Digital transformation CEO-Podcast „Transportation Matters“

02. September 2020 - In this episode, Martin Daum talks with Claudia Nemat about Digital transformation. Nemat is a board member of Deutsche Telekom and in charge of the Technology & Innovation department.

Few industries have, over the past 25 years, developed as rapidly as Telecommunications has. Needless to say that from early on, Digital Transformation has become a defining factor for success in enterprises such as Deutsche Telekom.

Digitalization has been changing all forms of our life, such as our economy, our consumer habits and our communication. Software has become the key component for a company’s prosperity – in both the telecommunications field and in the automotive sector.

During this episode, Martin Daum and Claudia Nemat exchange views on how societies, businesses and individuals remain competitive. They discuss strengths and strategies for sustainable success and good leadership in the digital age.


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