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#01.03 | Brad White - purpose CEO-Podcast „Transportation Matters“

06. November 2019 - The latest episode of Transportation Matters is about the ‘Why?’ Why, as a company, are we doing business - beyond making money? What drives us, what gets us up in the morning to give it our best? In other words: What is our purpose? Martin Daum goes after these questions in his conversation with Brad White, a veteran specialized in helping businesses to define and use their purpose beyond the financials.

Brad White, President of Europe and Middle East at BrightHouse, likes to compare his work to that of an archeologist, who engages in digging deep down to the core of a company to find its heritage and reasons for existence, to reveal its underlying values and key principles. Having done this for dozens of companies across industries, borders and size, Brad talks to Martin about whether purpose is just another flavour of the day or if it already embedded in every corporation. The two are also discussing why it is important to have a purpose and to life by it. And why, first and foremost, having a purpose is a basic human need.


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