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#01.02 | Joschka Fischer - sustainability CEO-Podcast „Transportation Matters“

02. October 2019 - In our second episode the focus is on sustainability in the transport sector, one of the major challenges of our time. Martin Daum hosts a pioneer of sustainable and environmental friendly politics: Joschka Fischer, former Vice Chancellor and Secretary of State of the Federal Republic of Germany and now principal of Joschka Fischer & Company consultants, which he founded ten years ago.

Having left active politics a while ago Fischer remains an attentive analyst of the political business and keeps on campaigning for environmental protection and a sustainable climate policy. Fischer's credo is that CEOs from large companies like Daimler Trucks & Buses have a specific responsibility. Martin Daum fully agrees and talks with Fischer about how to balance ecological and economical objectives.

Joschka Fischer; Germany's Green Party methusalem and Martin Daum discuss, how society, politics and economics have to cooperate for a sustainable climate policy, why climate change does not come for free and why there is a chicken-egg-dilemma when it comes to hydrogen powered vehicles.


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