No Chance for Corruption Together on the right track

At Daimler Truck, we have a clear understanding of what kind of business we will or will not do. We do not give or take bribes.

Together On the Right Track

Preventing and tackling corruption are key aspects of our compliance work. In order to continuously raise awareness of the significance of anti-corruption among our employees, we have launched various training and communication activities.

Our Compliance Program for Anti-Corruption

Our Anti-Corruption Compliance Program is based on our comprehensive Compliance Management System. A key component of this is the assessment of potential risks. In addition to internal information, such as a unit's business model, external factors are also considered here, e.g. the Corruption Perceptions Index from Transparency International. The results of this risk analysis form the basis for implementing our anti-corruption measures, which aim to prevent corruption in all business activities. Thereby, we place particular emphasis on sales companies in high-risk countries and business relationships with wholesalers and general distributors worldwide.

Corruption? No, thanks!

The local management is responsible for implementing the compliance measures in close cooperation with the central function “Legal & Compliance Daimler Truck”. In companies exposed to a high corruption risk, an independent “Legal & Compliance Officer” supports the management in implementing the Anti-Corruption Compliance Program. We regularly review the effectiveness of our measures and continuously improve our Anti-Corruption Compliance Program.

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft audited the Compliance Management Systems of Daimler AG for corruption prevention, antitrust and technical compliance in accordance with the Assurance Standard 980 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany. These audits, which were based on the principles of appropriateness, implementation, and effectiveness were successfully completed at the end of 2016 (antitrust compliance), 2019 (anti-corruption compliance) and 2020 (technical compliance). The audit of design appropriateness of the Group’s Data Compliance Management System was also successfully completed by the external auditor KPMG in 2019. Furthermore, in November 2021, the external auditor successfully re-audited the Group’s Antitrust Compliance Management System for Daimler AG. The aforementioned assurance engagements of the Group’s Compliance Programs were conducted by KPMG for Daimler AG. Selected subsidiaries of the Daimler Truck business have been part of these engagements during the decentralized audit.

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