Sustainability - To keep tomorrow’s world moving

Our story begins 125 years ago, and it begins with many needs: There was cargo to be carried. There was a distance to be crossed. Our founders were the ones to find the solutions. They invented trucks and buses, and doing so, they contributed to society’s progress and prosperity.

Today, our customers provide reliable, safe transportation worldwide. That’s why we said proudly: we work for everyone who keeps the world moving. Accordingly, that makes us an important part of society. And it comes with a correspondingly great responsibility for us: to our employees, to our customers, and to all of the people who are touched by our economic activities.

Our greatest responsibility results from the increasing demand of our products. Our society needs transport - but it wants it to be sustainable. So we are once again faced with an (as of now) unresolved task. This does not frighten us. We have the engineering craft, the experience and the will to think outside the box and deliver solutions.

We are building the way forward - for all who keep tomorrow’s world moving.

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