Daimler Truck

Complaints procedure

for the Daimler Truck supply chain

Tip-offs and complaints about violations of human rights and environmental obligations by our direct and indirect suppliers can be submitted via the reporting channels of our Whistleblowing System SpeakUp (formerly known as Whistleblower System Business Practices Office, BPO).

The same also applies to corresponding tip-offs and complaints concerning our company and our employees (see our Whistleblowing System SpeakUp). Upon receipt of a report or complaint, the Whistleblowing System SpeakUp performs a risk-based initial assessment of the potential human rights or environmental risk or violation of human rights or environmental obligations. In case the tip-off concerns one of our suppliers, the report is forwarded to the responsible investigating unit (e.g. responsible purchasing department) for further investigation.

The aim of the investigation is firstly to determine whether there is a “suspicion””. An investigation is only initiated after a very careful examination of the facts and a reasonable suspicion of a human rights or environmental risk or a violation of human rights or environmental obligations by one of our suppliers.

In case a ”suspicion” is assumed, the competent investigating unit will secondly examine which measures are suitable, necessary and appropriate in each individual case in order to adequately address any violation or risk identified. This includes, for example, supplier dialogues to develop a concept with a concrete schedule for ending or minimizing a violation (remedial action plan) as well as supplier audits.

The persons entrusted with carrying out the proceedings are required to treat each case neutrally, objectively and subject to the presumption of innocence. They handle every case with the utmost confidentiality. This applies in particular to personal data.

For more information on the general principles of the complaints procedure and the process for handling potential human rights and environmental violations by Daimler Truck’s direct and indirect suppliers please see here.

For more information about the Whistleblowing System SpeakUp, please visit: Speak Up @ Daimler Truck - our Whistleblowing System