Data Compliance Management System

Responsible Use of Data. Data Compliance Management at Daimler Truck AG.

Connectivity and digitalization have a crucial role in future mobility. Large quantities of data are the basis for many new business models, including automated and autonomous driving, innovative driving assistance systems or software solutions along the entire supply chain. We are committed to using data responsibly. In doing so, we focus on the needs of our customers. Our group-wide Data Compliance Management System helps us to plan, implement and monitor measures to comply with data protection regulations in this process.

Our Data Vision

Data makes it possible for innovative services to offer greater security andcomfort and increase vehicle availability i.e. added value. It is important to us that our customers and business partners can trust that their data is handled responsibly and securely. We have defined the data vision of Daimler Truck as our standard for data to be handled sustainably, responsibly and ethically.

Data Compliance Management Daimler Truck AG

It is fleshed out by various guiding principles concerning data. The guiding principles of transparency, choice and data security are crucial to us in this process.


Data protection is of great importance to us, and we act responsibly in the collection, storage and use of data. Adequate transparency regarding the handling of data is indispensable. Our customers ought to know what data is collected, when and for what purpose. As such, we provide them with extensive information in sales information, on the Daimler Truck homepage, in apps, in the operating instructions and – whenever reasonably possible – directly in the commercial vehicle as well.


By the same token, it is important to us that our customers are able to decide themselves what services they actually use and what data they want to share.

Data security

The high security standards of our customers similarly apply to data security in our commercial vehicles. As a result, we continuously enhance data security with a view to advances in IT in order to protect data from manipulation and misuse.

Privacy-friendly product development

Ensuring effective data protection in vehicles is an integral component of our product development. Today, can already make use of services such as live traffic information and the Active Stop-and-Go Assist system. Such applications are based on data processing. One main focus of our data protection activities is thus on a privacy-friendly design for connected vehicles, automated driving functions, and new services and applications. Privacy by Design is the basis for this. This means that our data privacy experts already work with engineers and IT developers during the product creation phase and aim for responsible handling of data.

Responsible use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) also requires clear guidelines. AI is already being used in various areas in the automotive industry and will continue to gain in importance in the future. Our guiding principles for data have thus been supplemented by our Principles for Artificial Intelligence. They are the basis for responsible and sustainable handling of AI technology in the company. Together with the guiding principles for data, they serve as an important foundation for our digital responsibility.

The Data Compliance Management System

In order to accommodate the regulatory requirements concerning data, we combined the existing measures, processes and systems for meeting data protection requirementsinto a Data Compliance Management System (Data CMS). It is based on the Daimler Truck Compliance Management System. It helps us to systematically plan the measures for complying with data protection regulations based on risk, to implement them throughout the Group and to continuously monitor them. With the Data CMS, Daimler Truck exceeds the statutory requirements in order to ensure sustainable handling of data in the company.

Anchoring data protection and data compliance in our organization

The Data Privacy & Data Compliance unit is responsible for all topics related to personal data. This unit is led by the Chief Privacy Officer, who performs the tasks required by law for complying with data protection regulations. Along with her team, she monitors compliance with data protection laws and the Daimler Data Protection Policy. The Chief Privacy Officer is also responsible for processing data protection complaints and for communicating with the supervisory authority. Furthermore, the Data Privacy & Data Compliance unit defines the methods, processes and systems of an adequate Data CMS. It supports the group companies to ensure that data privacy regulations are met. The unit carries out communication and training measures and advises the responsible persons and departments in data protection issues . The Chief Privacy Officer acts independently and reports directly to the CEO.

Local contact persons

Our approach to the effective management of data protection also relies on local contact persons at our numerous sites and facilities around the world. They assist the respective local management in implementing the data privacy & compliance measures.

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