Autonomous Trucking

Autonomous Trucking

US Management Roadshow and Autonomous Day in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Daimler Truck is the undisputed market leader in the area of future transportation technology in North America and is dedicated to taking transportation to the next level. Our goal is to revolutionize trucking technology so that freight haulers will be able to transport goods more efficiently and, most importantly, more safely.

With our dual track autonomous strategy, we have the ability to leverage our Level 4 truck chassis platform with two strong technology partners, Waymo and TORC Robotics.

In Albuquerque we share insights into our autonomous strategy and into the TORC Robotics activities. In addition, we will demonstrate the TORC autonomous truck that will help fleets improve their operations while strengthening the backbone of the U.S. economy.

We are fully committed to autonomous trucking as it can benefit everyone. It will increase safety, because systems do not get tired and do not lose attention. It will boost logistics performance by enabling trucks to run more. It will help society cope with the growing volume of freight, particularly in times of severe driver shortages. We see an opportunity for Daimler Truck to increase our service revenue, as well as for significant market and growth potential. For all these reasons we are developing the Level 4 autonomous-ready truck of the future.
Martin Daum CEO Daimler Truck
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