Daimler Truck Financial Services

Daimler Truck Financial Services

Daimler Truck Financial Services opened a new chapter in the history of financial services. With a portfolio of 28.3 Billion Euro and 1.900 employees in 16 markets, we are one of the largest captive financial and mobility services companies in our industry and a completely integrated part of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer - Daimler Truck AG.

On this journey, we will put high attention to safeguarding our strong company culture and we will make sure that our corporate values will guide us along the way. We will fully focus on the capital goods business with transportation equipment. A business that follows different rules than the strongly consumer-driven business with passenger cars.

With our products and services, we support our customers' path to sustainable, environmentally friendly transport by offering leasing, financing and insurance products also for electric commercial vehicles and new technologies for greater road safety.

Our employees and our value-based culture are decisive strengths that will contribute significantly to our success in the new set-up. Our knowledge, skills and people-oriented collaboration culture, characterized by respect, appreciation and a deep trust in one another, will be the driving forces of future growth in all business segments.

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