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#03.06 Austin Russell CEO-Podcast "Transportation Matters"

October 13, 2021 - Martin Daum not only talks to Austin Russell about the future of autonomous trucking (SAE Level 4) but also about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Our guest today is a true wunderkind. Austin Russell filed his first patent when he was 12 and built a cell phone out of a Nintendo device when he was a teenager. He went to Stanford and dropped out after six months. Today his company Luminar Technologies, which he founded when he was 17, is publicly traded and a key player in the field of autonomous driving. Together with Daimler Truck Luminar Technologies is working on making their Lidar technology, a 3D laser scanning high-tech, the state of the art for reliable and safe autonomous trucking (SAE Level 4).

Enjoy this very inspiring new episode of Transportation Matters!

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