Sustainable Investment

Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and the ESG criteria (Environment, Social and Governance) defines the framework.

Innovation and transformation are key drivers for enabling sustainable transportation. By doing this we intend to create value for all stakeholders: for investors, customers, employees, as well as for our business partners and the whole society.

The Daimler Truck sustainability report 2021 can be found on the link below.


The sustainability report 2021 of Daimler Truck was released at June 8th, 2022.

In general, there are several ESG rating provider on the market. MSCI published for example already an ESG rating report about Daimler Truck in 2022. We expect that further ESG rating providers will release an ESG rating about Daimler Truck in 2022.

The revenue share of the Daimler Truck defense business in 2021 was below 1.0%. Please note that Daimler Truck only delivers vehicles for logistic purposes.

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