Preventing unforeseen failures

Use Case #1

Situation: Our customers want to operate their vehicles around the clock if possible. After all, the truck only earns money while running. By their very nature, breakdowns and workshop stops are not desired - least of all the unplanned ones.

Our solutions:

In modern vehicles, countless electronic units are installed to control the various components, from headlights to the suspension of the chassis. This constantly generates data that can be used for various vehicle diagnoses. In other words, we can detect at an early stage if a fault is imminent somewhere. This reduces the number of unplanned repair facility visits significantly. Meaning for our customers: They save time, expenses and further hassles caused by unforeseen breakdowns.

With FOTA (firmware over the air), our customers can do software updates remotely whenever it fits their schedule. They no longer need to take their trucks and buses to a service station to get the latest software update. This saves them considerable time and money.

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