Daimler Truck


From Tokyo to Portland to East London: our products are developed, produced and sold in different places – all over the world. Made possible by our employees who are also spread across the globe.

We are working across borders to create a value chain full of possibilities. This includes international branches, development partners, a diverse client and product portfolio, but also global career options and further individual development opportunities driving innovation and progress at all levels. We work global. We think global. We are global. Global business processes, meetings and cross-site or cross-country communication are part of our everyday business at Daimler Truck.

As a part of Daimler Truck, you are surrounded by our conviction, our motivation, and our global team spirit. This allows us to collaborate efficiently on an international scale. By doing so, we are driving real and tangible change of transportation and mobility towards more sustainability and higher safety on our streets. That high level of connection creates a collaborative network where we learn from each other, value and challenge each other – every day. Together with you and the entire Daimler Truck team, we act for global impact.

We empower diverse perspectives and best practice sharing around the globe to find the best of solutions together. We use our constant learning curve and iterative processes to gain unique knowledge and to further develop and adapt our products. By doing so, we always focus our work on the requirements and specific needs of our global, diverse customers. Let’s move forward and progress together.