Our Code of Conduct: Doing the Right Thing

It is our firm conviction that the only way for us to be successful in the long run is with the right conduct. Our Code of Conduct sets out clearly what we understand by integrity, which rules apply to everyone and which principles we follow.

Acting with Integrity Is the Basis of Our Actions

To us, integrity means doing the right thing by living our values. In other words, we adhere to internal and external rules, act according to our corporate values and, in doing so, listen to our inner compass. This scale of values has been laid down in our Group-wide Code of Conduct.

Employees from various parts of the world and from different areas of the company have contributed to our Code of Conduct. It provides guidance for everyday work as well as in critical situations and helps to make the right decisions.

What We Stand For

Our five corporate principles are the heart of our Code of Conduct. They sum up what we understand by integrity and are meant to be practiced by all employees.

We are profitable and are committed to people and the environment.

We act responsibly and respect the rules.

We address issues openly and stand for transparency.

Fairness and respect are the foundation of our collaboration.

We practice diversity.

How We Work

In our day-to-day work, we follow clear rules that guide our actions and provide orientation. Our behavior guidelines set them out clearly. Here are a few examples:

For a complete overview of all our behavior guidelines, see our Code of Conduct.

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