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One central topic three perspectives: What significance does Compliance have for Daimler Truck AG?

Martin Daum, CEO Daimler Truck AG:

Only those who act responsibly will be successful in the long term. At Daimler Truck, Compliance will continue to be the basis of our products and our actions - our independence will not change anything here. Rather on the contrary: As an independent company with a stock market listing, we will be in the spotlight much more externally, and our actions will be evaluated even more precisely by society, politics and also the capital markets. We do not have to shy away from this attention. We have firmly anchored Compliance in our company: in our strategy, in our work processes and, of course, in our culture. An early involvement of our Legal & Compliance colleagues and the interdisciplinary cooperation with our operational departments is fundamental for this. Since the topic Compliance is also becoming increasingly important in the Research and Development area.

Andreas Gorbach, Head of Truck Technology Daimler Truck AG:

Product Compliance is about the legal and regulatory Compliance of our products. In other words, it's a matter to ensure that we comply with all laws, standards and specifications beginning right from the product development process – such as in the development of our safety systems to support truck drivers or meeting emissions standards. For this purpose, we have developed our own specific system to do so – our Product Compliance Management System (PCMS) that also comes into effect in our new technologies. Take the example of autonomous driving. In some cases we are dealing with legal questions, which have no standards or regulations so far. The task here is to make the best possible decision, taking into account all available information - with regard to laws, standards, and society’s expectations. It is a core lever for strengthening trust in our company and our decisions. We want to prevent possible risks before they can even become a problem. This requires a strong Legal & Compliance team.

Thomas Laubert, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer Daimler Truck AG:

I can only underline what Martin and Andreas said: Compliance is an integral part of our overall corporate culture, and we have already achieved so much together at Daimler Truck. As a global company, we are dealing with complex regulations and requirements that differ from region to region. When setting up our Legal & Compliance department, we therefore paid great attention to the regional and organizational orientation of the Truck & Bus business units and the regional entities. This enables us to provide customized and comprehensive advice, worldwide from development to sales. I am convinced that this approach adds significant value for the company. Personally, it just makes me proud to work for one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world and to lead such a motivated, strong team. For me, this includes open and honest cooperation. I can only encourage everyone to address issues clearly and to question them. This is the only way to learn from mistakes - or near-mistakes - and to develop further.

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